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Summary of Services Pricing
  • Colonic Irrigation
    Commonly referred to as either colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, each private session is scheduled for one hour in length to include preparation and discussion time. All colonics are professionally administered by licensed nurses and certified colon hydrotherapists.

    Our colon hydrotherapy process is designed to allow clients maximum relaxation in a confidential setting. From soothing music in all rooms to a meticulously groomed, welcoming environment, Inner Spa is regionally recognized as a premier leader in the field of colon hydrotherapy.

    Colonics have been reported beneficial for certain specific conditions and for general health and internal wellness. Please visit our Question and Answer section for more information or contact us directly.

              Recommended Series: 3-10 sessions


             # of sessions will depend on your individual goals.

             Generally, the more you cleanse, the deeper detox you



              Example Cleansing Schedule:

              Week One: 3 colonics        Week Two: 2 colonics

              Week Three: 2 colonic       Week Four: 1 colonic

              Week Five: 1 colonic          Week Six:     1 colonic


              If continuing past a series of 10 (for chronic issues such as

              allergies, chronic fatigue, immune issues etc.), add one

              colonic per week

              Maintenance: One session every 4-8 wks to maintain

                                       ongoing digestive balance and detox benefits

          *The above is simply a guideline. There is no committment.

            We will be happy to accommodate any cleansing and

            detox schedule that you desire.

$125 ~ First visit

(Allow 90 minutes. Includes professional colonic session plus Q&A consultation)

$75-$95~ Follow-up visit

Allow 60 minutes

$50~Follow-up visit

(w/payment plan)

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*It's Client Appreciation Time! Check out our


We thank you for making us the #1 choice for colon hydrotherapy.


with Package discounts


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  • Massage
    Organic lotions and oils are used with each session. Aromatherapy is included free of charge. Administered by a trained massage therapist.

             Choose from:

  • Swedish/Therapeutic
  • Deep Tissue
  • Lymphatic
  • Hot Stone
  • Scalp or hands and feet combo.  
  • Learn more about massage...


    Massage Club
    = 5 50-minute Hot Stone Massages for $550 ($110 each)
    = 5 50-minute Swedish Massages for $325 ($65 each)
    = 5 50-minute Deep Tissue Massages for $375 ($75 each)

    = 5 50-minute Lymphatic Massages for $375 ($75 each)
    *all club sessions are valid for use within 6 months of purchase

$75 ~     Swedish (50min)
$105 ~   Swedish (80 min)

$135 ~   Swedish(110min)

$85 ~   Deep Tissue (50min)

$115 ~ Deep Tissue (80min)

$145 ~ Deep Tissue (110min)

$85 ~   Lymphatic (50min)

$115 ~ Lymphatic (80min)

$145 ~ Lymphatic (110min)

$120 ~ Hot Stone (80 min)

$70 ~   Hand and Foot (50 min)

$70 ~ Hand, Foot & Scalp(50min)

* Great add-ons to any massage!

$35 ~ Scalp (25min)

$35 ~ Hand and Foot (25min)

$35 ~ Hand, Foot & Scalp(25min)

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  • Foot Reflexology
    Sessions are dedicated to your comfort and healing. Focusing on reflex points in the feet, pressure is applied systematically to emit healthy change in corresponding organs. An amazing experience that proves to be both relaxing and detoxifying.             Learn more about foot reflexology...

$40 ~ 25 minutes
$70 ~ 50 minutes

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  • Reiki
    Based on "life force energy", this Japanese healing method helps to foster relaxation, reduce stress, purge emotional blockages and create feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Sessions are rendered by our certified Reiki practitioners. This is a fully clothed experience.

$40 ~ 25 minutes
$70 ~ 50 minutes

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  • Far Infrared Sauna
    Far infrared saunas use safe light waves that create heat in the body and can have numerous positive effects on the body. Far infrared sauna therapy is different than sitting in a common dry sauna because the heat from far infrared rays directly penetrates the skin but does not warm the air around you. In other words, you feel the warmth in your body, but itís not the same sensation as if you sat outside on a hot summer day. Raising the bodyís internal temperature via far infrared rays, as well as the overall relaxing experience of sitting in the warm sauna, is known to increase detoxification, support weight loss, promote relaxation, lift energy levels, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation.            

$50 ~ single session
$225 ~ Package of five

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  • Moor Mud Bath
    The mud used by Inner Spa is the "real deal!" Imported from the Czech Republic, and loaded with vital minerals, you will enjoy the healthy properties of this Balneo-Peat as you submerge yourself in our air-jet therapy tub. These mud baths are excellent for aches, pains, relaxation, and detoxification! All Moor mud baths include aroma therapy. Learn more about Moor mud baths...

$50 ~ Allow 30 minutes (includes aroma therapy)

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  • Organic Facial
    Using the best, all natural ingredients, your skin will be infused with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals returning a youthful, beautiful glow. It's skin nourishment and rejuvenation at its finest!  Administered by a licensed esthetician.  Learn more about organic facials...

$85 ~ 50 minute facial
$125 ~ 80 minute facial


$35 ~ AHA or Lactic Acid Peel

$60 ~ Single Peel Session- 30min

$495 ~ Series of 9 AHA peels

Facial packages available.
Every Friday is Facial Friday! Enjoy 20% off our 50 or 80-minute facial every Friday.

*prepaid visits are good for 6 mo

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  • Organic Body Polish
    Performed by a trained technician, organic body treatments offer the skin total renewal. Think of it as a facial - for your whole body! Includes light massage. Head to toe, this treatment is deeply relaxing and promotes super soft, exfoliated skin.  
  • Learn more about body treatments...

$150 ~ 80 minutes

$405 ~ Pkg of 3 Polishes

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  • Aqua Detox Ion Foot Bath
    This state-of-the-art cellular cleansing and energy transference process helps Increase your body's oxygen levels, purge heavy metals, balance your system, detoxify and revitalize. A quick way to gain energy, get better sleep and feel great. You won't believe your eyes as the water changes colors! *Includes a mini foot massage!   Learn more about detox ion foot bath...

$50 ~ 30 minutes


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  • Ear Candling
    Using the finest candles made from organic linen, bee's wax and the healing powers of Manuka Honey, these candles are tested for superior quality and are guaranteed for their purity. Absolutely no toxic paraffin.  Administered by a trained professional.                                                                        
  • Chronic sinus, ear, allergy or wax issues? Double candle sessions are available (four candles per session).
    Learn more about ear candling...

$60 ~ Single session (includes head and sinus massage)

~ Double session

(recommended for chronic issues) Includes head and sinus massage

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  • Body Contour and Detox Mineral Wrap
    Imported from Europe, these detoxifying wraps are made from sea clay and a super rich mineral solution. You will lose an immediate 6-10 inches and your skin will look fresh, smooth, and toned. Great for cellulite reduction and body detoxification  Body Contour and Detox wraps are guaranteed to take off  6-10 inches the very first time! Learn more about mineral wraps...

              Recommended series: Once per week for 3 weeks

              Maintain as needed or once every 2 months

$145 ~ 90 minutes
$390 ~ 3-session package
$600 ~ 5-session package

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  • Botanical Hair Removal
    Facial and body hair removal services are available using completely natural, botanical soy. Unlike most salons which use chemically-treated wax on your delicate body, Inner Spa uses products that are naturally derived.

Soy waxing is a safe alternative to conventional waxing techniques Learn more about soy hair removal...

Arms $29/$49+
       Back $68+
Bikini $44+
Feet $20


Chin $15
Eyebrow $22
Legs $42/$74+
Lip $15
Sideburn $15+
Stomach $25+
Toes $10
Underarms $25

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  • Detoxification Counseling | Digestive Care
    The colon hydrotherapist will provide a question and answer session to address specific concerns and offer information pertaining to detoxification symptoms, estimated cleansing timeframe, dietary considerations, and lifestyle factors.

$60 ~ 30-minute consultation

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  • Herbal Supplementation
    Based on your individual needs, certain herbal supplementation may assist in the cleansing process. Your colon hydrotherapist will give recommendations, upon request.
Herbal supplement prices vary; please contact us for more information and product listing.
  • Body Cleanse Packages
    Our Body Cleanse Packages combine harmonious cleansing therapies and offer a bundle discount. Favorites among many guests, these packages are designed to support your bodyís detoxification functions and help you reach your cleansing goals.

    Click here for a list of our Body Cleanse Packages.

Click here for a list of our money saving body cleanse packages


A Word About Colonics
Feelings of improved well-being after one colonic are typical. However, a series of several colonics can cleanse areas deeper within the colon and provide longer lasting effects. The benefits of internal cleansing and extracting toxins from the body (detoxification) after a series of colonic visits have been noted by professionals, such as Dr. Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, and many others. A series of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended for general detoxification and 10 to 15 for a deeper, more enhanced cleansing process. For your convenience, colon hydrotherapy session prices are reduced when purchased in package discounted bundles.

Colon Hydrotherapy Package Discounts (for follow-up visits)

Pay just $50/session with our payment plan option

Number of Visits
Avg price per follow-up session

Beginner's Wellness Package

(Includes initial session

plus 4 follow-ups)

*available on init visit


















    • Beginner's Wellness Package expires 90 days from date of purchase.
    • All other packages expire one year from date of purchase (unless otherwise stated).
    • $50 per session payment plans are available with initial down payment.
    • No finance fees.
    • Personalized gift certificates are available

Inner Spa accepts cash and most major credit cards.
By appointment only, services are offered Monday through Saturday, with flexible hours to accommodate our clients' needs.

Cancellation Policy:

Staff hours are booked by appointment only. Kindly allow at least 24-hours notice when canceling an appointment to avoid the appointment charge. We will be happy to accomodate your rescheduling needs and we thank you for your understanding.

Please contact us for more information.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Services presented are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Always consult your healthcare provider.

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